Cain MkBrannan


WS 39, BS 45, S 38, T 35, Ag 37, Int 35, Per 31, WP 44, Fel 20

Mono-Edged Knife
Las Carbine with bayonet lug
Stub Auto pistol
Guard Issue Flak Armour
Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer
Two fully-loaded Bold Pistol magazines


Armsman Cain MkBrannan was born on the world of Éire is a sector of space not far from the Calixis Sector. Éire is a feudal imperial world in the service of Him on Terra, growing grain for shipping off world, and producing textiles to cloth His people far and wide. Unlike most populated imperial worlds across the stars Éire does not have hive cities.

When Cain was only a few cycles old his parents died in a fire that engulfed their section of their city. He was bounced from family member to family member for a couple of cycles, until there was no more family for him to be taken in by. Then he was taken in by an orphanage, passed between the different orphanages in the major cities. His being bounced from place to place was not due to misbehavior, Cain was always a good child. But there was a presense that caused others to shy away from him. He never had friends, or playmates, and he kept to himself most of the time. The other children in the best of times would also leave him be, but in the worst of times would abuse, mock and torment him. Near about to his tenth cycle Cain decided that he had had enough and ran away from the orphanage he was in.

He spent the next cycles living in the streets, learning to defend himself. Eventually finding employ as a apprentice to a Armourer and learned all that he could of the trade. After almost a decade in the hands of his master a call was issued from the Governor. A call to arms, Éire was to raise several regiments for the Imperial Guard. With the blessing of his master, Cain joined the 33d Royal Irish Rifles.

While Éire is not the most advanced world in His imperium, the people are quick learners. When a platoon of Storm Troopers were attached to the regiment along with their squadron of Naval Valkyries Cain saw a door open. After a few weeks of working his way into the good graces of a few of the pilots (not an easy task I tell you) he was able to talk a couple of them into giving him some flight lessons as time permitted. While he will never fly circles around any traitor fighter pilots he was more than able to learn the basics and couple of flashy moves.

Cain MkBrannan

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