A Dirge for Gideon

A walk through dark places...

St. Jonah hitches a ride

-Provided by Revarien (bonus XP has been awarded)

Upon boarding the beleaguered vessel of nefarious origins, making off with stolen xenos tech (Tau weapons), the band of aspiring Throne Agents left in haste as their orders to infiltrate and subterfuge were being planned elsewhere by their unknown Inquisitor. The band, led by their indomitable priest, formulated a plan to destroy and disrupt communications aboard the vessel; this was to be done with some regard to the timing of the jump to Warp space to make it appear to be an accidental incident. Starting with the lower decks, the group attempted to get to the lowest point of the vessel without attempting to access any restricted areas, as that would leave a log entry saying as much. The group split up into a few different directions, the psyker and the tech priest went one way, while the untouchable guardsman went the other on the 14th deck (trying to get down to the restricted 15th deck). Both groups found a similar way down: a 2 pipe coolant system that had just enough room to slip between, but they were fairly far apart and while the psyker and tech priest were debating on the best way down, the guardsman relied on faith… The guardsman was impaled on the gothic fencing below, nearly dying instantly as his heart was narrowly missed by the fence points, there he hung on the fencing while the psyker attempted to help lower the tech priest – he faired better but not by much as he slipped from the weak psyker’s grasp and slid by the how pipe and slammed into the ground: though, he was not impaled and was able to stagger back to his feet. Rushing to the guardsman’s aid, the tech priest was able to keep him from bleeding to death while the psyker made his way across the deck plating to where the guardsman fell, he would attempt something he’d never thought possible: healing an untouchable with the power of the warp.

The guardsman lost consciousness and the psyker’s connection to the warp, a mere 10 meter’s above the guardsman got stronger… he gave it a try: SUCCESS! But at a price: he stumbled back as he was lashed back through perils of the warp… gaining a slight sinister edge from his experiment at tempting the fate of the guardsman. He swore up and down at the unconscious guardsman and stomped off to get the priest as the tech priest continued to saw the spikes off the fence and off the guardsman.

The priest came down to deck 14, leaving the assassin in their ‘VIP’ quarters, to mend her wounds, as the med bay was pure infected filth full of wanton disease and death. The priest and psyker advised from above the now conscious guardsman and when the deed was done, he began patching his wounds while the tech priest went off to get the communications sabotage underway. A few moments later, the assassin, still weary from the firefight in the cargo bay, limped down to deck 14 bringing a pile of bed sheets to form a rope and pull the subterfuge team back up from whence they came on deck 15. There she joined the priest and psyker waiting for the team to finish, tying the sheets to the cold pipe. The tech priest, crawling through vent ducts and saying blessings under his breadth, destroyed the communications controls just as the Warp claxons were sounding and the jump occurred. But the ship, having quarks of it’s own, shuttered as all the doors and security seals slammed into place, separating the tech priest from his escape route and trapping him in the waste management room. The guardsman was trapped below the other three (the psyker, priest and assassin) and they were trapped on deck 14. Suddenly the elevator chimes: security was on the way! The assassin dives down below, the guardsman scampers away down the hall, the psyker floats down the narrow hole to deck 15 and joins them… the priest sits there to cover their escape! The tech priest hears a chime moments later; his compartment is also about to be searched! He dashes around looking for a place to hide! Alas, he finds an unsavory refuge – the garbage chute. Meanwhile, the priest leisurely makes his way to the elevator, only to be confronted by 2 guards with stub revolvers. They question him and state they will send him back to quarters under guard… he obliges but in the elevator, knows that his comrades are stuck below: he rushes the guard and in a panic the guard fires wildly at the priest. The bullet whizzes past the priest’s ear, ricochets off the elevator paneling and slams right into the guard’s head dropping him instantly. Undeterred of the danger, the priest opens the elevator door back up and jumps the remaining guard, getting the key from the guard in the elevator, granting access around the ship, he swings into more action miraculously taking out the next guards below in the exact same manner as before: self inflicted gunshot to the head and hammer-to-the-face. While in the garbage refuse collection center, with the waste container half full (or half empty depending on how you look at it). The tech priest makes many horrific discoveries, but mainly: this vessel used to contain Cadian guardsmen from the Jericho reach! Something is amiss. The group is reunited and several showers and 5 bars of soap later, the tech priest is good as new, but after returning to quarters and hiding the bodies of the guards in the garbage chute (as well as cleaning up traces of them having been down there) the priest and psyker make their way up to the command deck – buzzing for access. They request to speak with Arms man Hannover, their contact on the vessel: They ask how long of a trip this will be.

“3 weeks” is the reply that Hannover gives, before being called away for an ‘incident’ down below decks. The priest and psyker make their way back down to quarters quickly.
The trip stays fairly un eventfully from this point on, save for guards being at the elevators now, but upon the 22nd day, the group begins to be suspicious, especially since the ship had dropped out of the way 3 days prior and then back to the warp again soon after. The demands started with speaking to Hannover: then the demands started to turn to a threat of ‘action’ from the priest… almost as quickly as things were getting out of hand, Hannover steps out of the elevator.

“We’ve arrived and require you to finish the delivery,” Hannover states as he gazes at the group. “Follow me”. Ready for anything other than being on this ship a moment more, the group gathers their things and rushes to the elevator. Upon arrival at the cargo bay, the group sees the cargo containers they fought over at the previous space dock. Before they are loaded on the Lightner shuttle, the psyker demands to see the manifest and verify the cargo, but he is pressed into changing that by Hannover, stating “that these are obviously the crates you came in with, scorch marks and all”, but the psyker was undeterred and claimed “that if we deliver something that is not ours, we don’t want to be blamed for the customer not getting what they ordered”… but this fell to deaf ears as his group wanted nothing more than to continue with the mission quickly… so uninspected, the cargo and group is lead onto the shuttle and sent down to the planet below: Sepheris Secundus, a mining planet. Below the planet’s surface, they are double crossed when their cargo rail car is let go and sent to the bottom of the mine. Dumped out, the cargo smashes to the ground: the containers were empty all along. “I knew it,” the psyker muttered under his breath… the long climb up begins as it was a several hour trip by rail and will be even longer without mechanical locomotion. Amidst the trudging the group notices that their way up is no more, one of the many bridges between them and the upper levels has disappeared as it was pressure sensitive and the group doesn’t possess the requisite weight to activate it. The group is seemingly trapped below! Out of the darkness comes movement, unabated but reactionary to the peril they may be in, the priest charges, but upon seeing the grotesque features of scared women, children and men, mutated by warp crystals, he stays his hand, for the moment: he knows they may be able to lead them to freedom. After a moment of negotiation, a deal is reached in which they will send little mutated-see-in-the-dark Timmy to lead the group to freedom. Almost to freedom, the group runs across mutants ripping apart guardsmen… Timmy runs off scared (before the group’s guardsman has a chance to ‘deal’ with the little mutant) and the group is forced to contend with the savage mutants… the priest and psyker sneak up and a quick plan was hatched.

The psyker runs out quickly and flash bangs everyone, pushing his power to its limits. He blinds everything in the room except for himself and the priest! The rest rush in and the group hacks and slaughters the stunned mutants – reducing them to a pile of wanting flesh.
The group continues on their way and to help aid, the psyker uses his power of precognition to try to aid the group… he determines that if they go right they will die by guardsmen, and if they go left a beast will slaughter them. The priest elects to go straight into a cavern only to find a Plaguebearer – a hideous pile of flesh and disease, held together only by the will of daemonic flesh and brandishing a filth covered blade of pestilence. The priest, with reckless abandon charges! He swings and lands a mighty blow! The Plaguebearer attempts to return the favor and misses wildly, but in doing so, loses warp cohesion and pops back into the warp! The priest emerges shouting about his deeds, and overcoming fear to slay such a vile beast in the name of the God-Emperor. Only the psyker, sensing the warp intrusion, has an inkling of belief, while the other’s simple don’t believe he slew a daemon. Suddenly a way of energy fells everyone unconscious, save for the guardsman… he is left with the grim task of dragging his comrades on a tarp, uphill an incline: a 2 day journey to freedom.

The path is barred by a contingent of guardsmen that takes the group in and puts them in corals, taking their equipment and weapons, but anywhere was better than down below. Inquisitor Nocteun finds the group after several days and debriefs them. They learn that their Inquisitor is named Nicodemus and that he hasn’t been seen by Nocteun in roughly 50 years. That it is possible that he has been operating in the Jerhico Reach. Nocteun offers the group a ride back to Scintilla to await contact by Nicodemus. They humbly accept…

To be continued.


I object! I never lost consciousness…

A walk through dark places...

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